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transitions of life

It seems that transition seems to just be part and package of the deal called life. My heart seems to be always in transition-an email received that makes my heart sink, receiving joyful news from a friend, a friend moving away the country, kids changing grades, getting back from a trip and settling back into life, getting ready for a trip, planning a trip in a couple months, going out to the market and finding out that I can't find whole chickens anymore, birthdays, sicknesses......a  happy heart, a sad heart, a choosing to be joyful in the moment heart.....

What are your transitions? Big or small, we are always making adjustments in our hearts for them. They can take our minds and hearts far away from the Lord.

Jesus, be the center. Be my True North. Be my home. The place I stay. Keep my heart from longing for other things. Keep my longing only for MORE of You. The restlessness in my heart during those transitions should only draw me closer to You.