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A Taxi Ride (Living with Greater Boldness)

I peer into the taxi. I was hoping to take the bus this morning but I’d never get there in time for w-ship at our friends’ home. The kids pile into the back of the car. I exchange greetings and directions with the driver. Father, will you direct this conversation? I need you.

The usual exchange dominates most of the first half of the car ride. 3 kids? All yours? You must make tons of money! How much does your husband make? (I am certainly not going to add that I have one more son who’s not with us this morning.) Where are you from? (I brace myself as usually the next half of the drive is about my sucky Chinese and how I should have learned better.) But we don’t go there this morning. Thankful. I don’tmince words. I’m going to ch-rch this morning with my kids. I’m a follower of J-sus. Have you ever heard of J-sus? Time’s running out and I may never see this man again. I share with him a little of my faith. His silence tempts me to be quiet. I believe in Pusa, he protects me.I choose to …

Entering into Suffering

I saw a little girl on the stairs of the skytrain last night. Dolled up pretty, plastic beads, two pigtails, and a pink dress. Just like any 6 year old would like it. Except, she had a large 7-11 cup in her hand. Begging for money, she.

We're in Bangkok for a few days before heading back to our home in the East. It's supposed to be a few days of "regrouping" as a family, as we like to call it. Busyness can take over our life so easily and we know if we don't mark out time to rest, then we won't do it. But even though I'm in a comfortable restful place this morning, my heart is uneasy.

As I passed this little girl I stopped for a moment and uttered more like a gasp. What's her life going to be like? Where will she go next? With pretty looks like her will they keep her doing what they're asking her to? Will it get worse? I put my hand out over her and prayed for her. Mercy, Lord. Please have mercy. Don't let the darkness overwhelm her. Bring b…