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how do you become thankful?

It was a typical evening prayer time.

What are you thankful for? Name five things. 
Pause. Silence. Mumbling. The subsequent five things that were named all had to do with the five school subjects that were finished today. It ws supposed to be a simple end-the-evening routine question. 
I can see how that's something to be thankful for, but there isn't more? 
I was losing patience. Wow! I've been sowing these thankful seeds since they were born and they couldn't come up with more? 
My patient husband, who had been silent,  was invited into the conversation because I was sure that at this point any additional comments from me would only serve to injure, not help. 
We sat with our child, praying over him, asking Father to open his heart.
Eyes to see the gifts. This has been the theme in my life, but it hasn't full taken root in my children's hearts yet. We are all on a journey. 
Speaking promise and blessing over my son tonight, I catch a glimpse of the Father'…

forgetful and disorganized

I forgot an appointment today and it wasn't the first time it happened. A friend of mine had some time to coach me and in the moment (which is usually when it happens) I agreed. I didn't check to see if I had something else going on then. (which I did) But the Lord in His loving way, (how it usually happens), moved up our coaching appointment and though I forgot a friend was coming over, I am not falling over myself in apologies for having booked something else in its place.

I feel forgetful these days. I try to set alarms on my devices to remind me, but I'm rarely around to hear the beep go off. I am an in- the- moment person who doesn't mind planning ahead, but I often make mistakes in my planning. What strikes me today is the tender love of the Lord. Some might call it disorganized (which I wouldn't argue with you on), but it's more than that. These moments are times when the Lord shows me in tangible ways that He is intimately involved in my life and that H…