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Quitting at the Start

I quit today. 

Not sure what I quit but I quit.

I hit the wall even before the school year started and I can't tell you even what happened. I just found myself spiraling into despair quickly and it felt a little like drowning.

The battle in my mind is too complex to describe and you might say the same about yours. So many things run through my mind each day; from the moment I wake up to the moment I lay my head down, my mind is full. Some days are worse than others. I wake up feeling behind, which is really silly if you think about it. How can you be behind on something you haven't even started yet?

I woke up yesterday and had a sweet time with the Lord. Though it wasn't long enough. As I look back at the things I was praying over I now know the Lord was setting the stage. For me to realize again that I cannot control things or hearts (which I like to) and helping me see again just how much I need him.

The weather might have contributed to it. The recent rain after a glori…