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Ministering Together- husband and wife

A typical morning conversation between my husband and I revolves around our to-do list. For my husband, it's around tasks. For me, it's around people. People to call, skype, email, write, visit, get a present for.... For John it's strategies to plan, documents to review, and projects to finish. If we're not careful, our morning walk and coffee time has been hijacked  by the things we have to do and we haven't really connected at the heart level. I've sapped all my strength and energy and I've laid on John a larger burden than he was carrying before!

How do we do ministry as a husband-wife team? God lays people on my heart all day long. I wake up with certain individuals on my mind, I carry them through my day, and I go to bed with another set of individuals on my heart.

Mark 1 contains a story I love- an interchange between Jesus and his headstrong busy disciple, Simon Peter. After a busy day of healing all who come to Him, Jesus rises early the next day to…