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If God is Love....

Eyes of God look upon me. 

I am weak, often faith-less, floundering to believe in your goodness, wanting to trust; actually I'm just a child. 

Eyes of God, do you see? 

We sit this morning around the table, regrouping after a busy season of ministry. Gathering around the breakfast table over buckwheat pancakes and whatever else I can collect from our nearly empty fridge (which is a sure sign of busyness), we sigh and enjoy being together again. 

We have a friend's son for the week and we are so happy to have four kids around the table again. Missing our college boy today. Face Time makes the heart full, and as I wonder about his new hairstyle I can't help but feel that ache in my heart for his presence in our home. 

What's God been showing you these days?We ask the kids. Three teens and a tween, and we expect that God is showing up in their lives. 

God sees me,my thoughtful sixteen year old almost immediately responds. He whispered that to me this week when you were away, Mo…