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Reflections on a Life Well Lived

It’s hard to put into words what it feels like to sit at the bedside of someone you love who will soon be passing into eternity to be with Jesus. I finally have a moment to think. To clear my head and to let the tears flow. It’s been start and stop since I heard of Grandma’s stroke. The news came to us in bits and pieces at first. It became clearer as the days went by that Grandma had suffered a massive stroke and there was no chance of recovery. All of her 7 children gathered quickly be her bedside trying to catch the last moments. How do you describe a woman who has had a profound impact on the lives of not only her children but so many others a well?
The regrets are coming of course, as they always do. I should have called her more. My busy life with 4 kids, living in China and just trying to stay afloat most of the time myself, but I should have called more. My last call to her was in early July. My Cantonese is trapped inside the mind of a 6 year old girl, it’s never progressed m…