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glimpses of hope

Went to a birthday party tonight for a friend. We celebrated the glimpses of glory we saw in him, things we saw the Father doing in his life, called out who he is becoming. It was a gift to him and it was a gift to participate in. I wondered what the Father thought of us as we talked. I'm sure He was smiling. If only you could see what I see.

Reading Mark 10 this morning I am moved by Mark's descriptions of Jesus toward those he encountered. The man in this morning's passage was the rich young ruler. He wanted to inherit eternal life, and he had to come to Jesus to find out just how he could do that. Mark says, "Jesus, looking at him, loved him..." The young man was disheartened by the way Jesus laid out for him. Leave it all, Jesus says.But it seemed too hard, impossible, really. It didn't really seem worth everything.

The longer I walk with Jesus the more I realize how little I knew of what was really being asked of me when I first started the journey. Toda…