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He Looked Around

Jarius went to Jesus because he knew that He alone could heal his dying daughter.

Others tried to stop him.

But at his insistence, he made it into the presence of Jesus and made his request known.

Meanwhile, another one in the crowd, burdened by her own infirmities for many years, a woman pushes her way towards Jesus. She knows that if anyone could make her well, it would be Him. Just one touch and I'll be better, she thinks.

Both of them, faces in the crowd, beaten down by suffering and pain, come to Jesus.

What amazed me this morning is that Jesus had time for both of them. Not only that, but He insisted on knowing who it was who touched Him in the crowd. Why did He care? His power was enough, she was well, why did it matter?

My 11 year old answered this question. Jesus wanted to know who it was who had faith. Who believed that He was able?

He looked around to find her. His words to her were balm to her soul. Because of your faith...... you are healed.

Jesus, give me faith…

Still here, and waiting.....

That's what it feels like I have been doing since August 2 when we heard the news of Adah's leukemia. Winter settled over my soul that day. Not the sort of depressing-can't get out of bed winter, but a sort of be quiet, stay inside, conserve energy and wait, kind of winter. Adah's parents have been our best friends and co-workers for the past 8 years, and now they aren't here. They're back in another home, waiting this morning for their youngest daughter Claire's bone marrow to be extracted and given to her big sister Adah. It will drip through an iv line, and then we all will wait.

It felt right that I would pack today. You feel helpless when you know someone's hurting and you can't really do anything about it because they are so far away. With the list in hand, I walked into their apartment prepared to do just that. Pack up the few items Sara had requested. Walking in wasn't so easy though, and tears overwhelmed me as I looked ar…