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Stopping the "Shoulds"

I never noticed the book title details. I thought it was the Gift of Imperfection, by Brene Brown. Imperfection being the gift. It's actually the Gifts of Imperfection. There are gifts that come with being imperfect. It's challenging my paradigm today.

This week has been a really difficult week. Difficult conversations, trying to articulate my thoughts, and processing deep things relating to my identity, weighed me down. I'm trying to put into practice what my spiritual director has challenged me to do. Don't judge your responses to things. Be curious about them. Don't let shame circumvent the process of actually getting to know yourself better. Understanding the whys of why I respond to situations is more important and can produce growth. Shame is stunting and overall unhelpful. Usually I choose shame. Brown calls it the "shame storm". I'm trying to choose another path these days.

Stopping and breathing is one way I thing I need to do more of.