Entering into Suffering

I saw a little girl on the stairs of the skytrain last night. Dolled up pretty, plastic beads, two pigtails, and a pink dress. Just like any 6 year old would like it. Except, she had a large 7-11 cup in her hand. Begging for money, she.

We're in Bangkok for a few days before heading back to our home in the East. It's supposed to be a few days of "regrouping" as a family, as we like to call it. Busyness can take over our life so easily and we know if we don't mark out time to rest, then we won't do it. But even though I'm in a comfortable restful place this morning, my heart is uneasy.

As I passed this little girl I stopped for a moment and uttered more like a gasp. What's her life going to be like? Where will she go next? With pretty looks like her will they keep her doing what they're asking her to? Will it get worse? I put my hand out over her and prayed for her. Mercy, Lord. Please have mercy. Don't let the darkness overwhelm her. Bring believers into her life to love her. Rescue her, please.

There were a group of vendors selling their wares at the bottom of the stairs. Foreigners mill amidst the locals trying to get their bargains, stuff, souveniers, we call it. Suddenly, my mouth goes dry. I just want to scream. What matters anymore? This little one shouldn't be doing this! At six she should be at home with her mama and daddy.

I know there are many more. The alleys that run off this very busy road are full of them. Except they're just a little older. Young women at bars waiting for what this evening will hold for them. For my kids, my parents, for a future, they say. My grandma, mom and sisters all do this. Does it matter?

God, will there be an end to this madness? This darkness, will it ever stop?

I pray. As Father wakes me in the night I pray. Is there anything else I can do? I believe God is already at work. I know there are other believers in the city also crying out to Him on behalf of the suffering of people. But more need to join in. I need to always be moved to prayer when I see suffering. That should be my response. To walk away and not be moved would indicate my heart is callous and cynical. Keep my heart soft, Lord. Tender towards You and others. Move me to prayer. Help me to enter in to others' suffering.

"I have seen many men work without praying, though I have never seen any good come out of it; but I have never seen a man pray without working." James Hudson Taylor


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