Hope in small and big packages .... Advent Day 6

There were smiles this morning in the house. Thanks for praying. Grateful.

Thankful for:
1. Imported Swiss Miss (overpriced, but you buy it when you need to pretend it's cold outside, when it's 90 degrees, and to cheer up hearts) 
2. A Christmas tea party for moms and their daughters, sweet new friends here in the community 
(going even though my heart is tired because I know it's good for me)
3. Kids making music together and recording their songs (loud drumming that doesn't bother our downstairs neighbors because we no longer live in a 6 floor building)
4. A big sister who teaches her younger brother how to crochet so he can make Christmas presents for the family (for a son who writes his list early of presents he is going to make for all the people he loves, and the list is long because there are many)
5. A friend who calls to take me to coffee and for conversation that is fun and uplifting and reminds me of things I love
6. Dinner sent over by another friend who wrapped up love in a beautiful meal (who else knew that my kitchen was closed for service tonight?) 
7. A Disney movie with the kids on my bed ( and tonight I don't care that their toes are rubbing against my pillow)
8. A clear video call with my husband who can laugh in the midst of pain and interrupted sleep (for jokes across facetime with the kids)
9. For a celebration over skype with Dad and our oldest son as Dad opens the acceptance letter to the college of his choice that includes a scholarship we didn't expect! 
10. For a new day that brings new hope. For peace that is in the moment and thankfulness that bubbles from a series of choices 


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