Not what I thought.... Advent Day 13

It's not what I thought it would be like. Life. 

Can you relate? Has that thought crossed your mind, too? 

Twenty- two years ago I first moved overseas on an adventure, me and God. The adventure has turned into a even longer one filled with ups (so many ups) and downs (many valleys as well). God brought a husband into my life who also shared this desire to bring light to dark places and together we took steps, steps that take us to the present.

My husband still lies on his back, not the mobility we hope for after nearly 2 weeks of excruciating pain. He speaks of suffering this morning to the kids. Encouraging them in the midst of his pain to remember God's presence in our lives and his never changing love for us. I leave the room, tears fill my eyes. Parenting across the ocean with an iPad, now this is discipleship at its best. Our oldest is off to university next year and his journey will include pain and trials and he gets to hear from his dad what holding on to God looks like right now. 

I wipe my eyes in the kitchen and peer into my nearly empty fridge. We leave in 4 days to return to our home country, a reunion with Dad and a prayer to see Grandma one last time on this side of heaven. My heart is full. I  attempt to mix up baked goods that will use up the last of the pumpkin and other assortment of items before we travel. Lunch is a buffet of different choices, none amazing, but nonetheless choices. Cleaning my kitchen, battling the ants and other various tropical crawlies that make their way into my sacred space, I pray. And know that God is in this sacred space. 

I sense His assurance of a future for us.
A future that is safe and secure in Christ.

Sometimes it's the journey that I worry about. But if the future is secure, then why worry? 

While I wonder what's ahead I also am certain of God's presence. That is enough for Mary the mother of Jesus. The angel Gabriel appears speaking these very words. The Lord is with you. After moments of dialogue, Mary responds with these precious words, “I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true.” (Luke 1:38)

A young girl knows that is all she needs to know. 
The Lord is with you. 

The journey holds twists and turns, and unexpected valleys and mountains. As long as I know that He's with me and and you know that He's with you. 

That's enough. 
from one perspective by J


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