He is the One.... Advent Day 18

She passed today. From this life into Life eternal. My sweet mother-in-law who loved Jesus and others with her whole life. 

It's hard to describe. I know for those who have lost a loved one you can identify here. The grief is mixed with joy. Sorrow that it was all so fast and soon and we wanted more time with her. Joy because she's not in pain and suffering and that she's been ushered into That Place where she rests with Him forever. It awakens in our hearts a holy longing, holy hope, and holy love. 

This month's reflections have been colored by circumstances we've been undergoing, but I suppose in every moment of life, it is so. I have no intention to be down or sad, but rather honest in my ramblings because the trials of life are real and hard. It doesn't diminish in any way the reality of the Father's loving presence in our lives, it only makes it all the more real. We can say with the disciple Peter, "but where can I go, You have the words of eternal life, and we have believed and have come to know that You are the holy One of God." (John 6:68) The earlier verse says, "and many disciples turned back and no longer walked with Him." What made those disciples turn away? It is clear they didn't fully understand why Christ came in the first place. Peter's response is honest. It's almost like he is saying, we've thought about it and it wouldn't be worth it. You are it. The One. 

Word become flesh. The whole gospel of John reveals the meaning of Christmas; the glory of God. Christ's birth and his death, according to God's plan. His glory revealed in His resurrection and ascension. You can't have one without the other. Christmas is glorious because of Good Friday. His birth meant there would be suffering because He came for us. Our forgiveness of sins required so much.  

So on this side of heaven there is pain and death. My husband says she is only sleeping. Temporarily. She'll be raised with God and the saints one day. But her soul is with Him now. What is to be celebrated now is her life, the way she lived and loved. Each of my children each wrote a letter to her and it was read two weeks before her passing. They each expressed how her love for the Word of God has impacted them in their love for His Word, too. What greater legacy is there to pass on to others? 

So live and love wholeheartedly today. Remember that Christ came not only for you, but for all around you. Remember that if you are walking in the valley of the shadow of death, we fear not, for God is with us. The table prepared before us here is the celebration of Christmas. 

Yes, we, too affirm this-we have come to know and and believe, Christ is the One. We will follow Him.

Lord, keep our hearts from turning away from You as we encounter pain in this life. Help us to trust You fully, rest in Your sovereignty and love for us, and live this way all the way until we see You face to face. 
                                         Never abandoned by J   (Wales,UK)


  1. Although I never met her, she has impacted me through your family. I now have another person to look forward to meeting and thanking on the other side. Loving you and praying for you.


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