Just when it's needed.... Advent Day 12

A cold gets the best of me and I hole myself up in my room for the morning to get over it. I really don't have time to be sick. (Can I hear an Amen?) My kids get themselves up and start their schoolwork for the day. My new friend is the kleenex box and I can't even find the energy to give instructions to my kids, I can only hope they know what to do. My husband helps them start their day over FaceTime, praying for them before breakfast. Modern technology is amazing.

I should confess that I'm terrible at resting. I lay in my bed and my mind launches in a million directions and it takes great discipline to not get out of bed and clean up the mini-piles that have assembled around the house. When things are uncontrollable in life I often look for things I can control. Too bad we just moved to this country so there aren't many messy spaces to reorganize, a habit I confess to have when I can't do much else.

Why is it that control is my first response and not rest? 

A meal is delivered to us this morning. Another friend drops by to pray with me. Another organizes my day so that I don't have to go anywhere until later. God brings us all we need on this day that we need it most before I had time to let anyone know I was sick.  Not that I was going to, which highlights my not wanting to be needy.

His provision is timely, intimate, and constant. 

I just don't always see it when I'm busy doing it for myself. 

My kids aren't really talking about Christmas presents this year. What we want for Christmas can't be bought. Yet, even so, God is showing us that He knows our hearts. My sister in law sends a picture this morning of Grandma talking on the phone with Daddy that is a gift to my kids and I. A beautiful reassuring picture that God is taking care of her.

How is God meeting you? May He give you eyes to see the gifts today. 

you could have missed it by J 


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