A paradox... Christmas Day 5

A friend of mine writes me asking what truths and what lies I am believing in this place of grief.
Hardship and sorrow can wear us down. It is part of our being human. It doesn't mean when there is faith that there isn't doubt there, too. They both strangely exist together, it's one of the paradoxes of our Christian faith. 

It's in faith that we remember all that is true. It's also in the presence of doubt that more honest faith is born. We say in one breath that God is still good and yet God sometimes is hard to find. We surrender to His sovereignty and yet express with honesty deep heart -questions because we are in true relationship with God and it's safe to ask. 

Emotions are frayed, the immediate future is unclear, and there is temptation towards impatience with one another. I want to look at my youngest each morning and give him the plan I know would make him feel safe, but God is teaching him security and safety that can be found even in the uncertainty. 

But it's in this place we hear a message from our pastor this morning that we can wait with expectancy, God is not yet finished yet with me, with you, with us. Even in this season of grief, goodbyes and health challenges, we can see God's faithful loving hand in our lives. It is important to remember these ways God has showed up, isn't it? 

Remembering keeps us afloat - the markers in our journey that point to God's presence.

Living a life of expectancy is possible because God's character is trustworthy. I can look at my son and say this, This we know to be true. He has been faithful and will continue to be faithful. I can expect this. 

    One ray of sunshine.   Seattle waterfront Christmas Eve 


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