When there are no words... Advent Day 15

There are few words tonight. Weariness has settled in my soul like a good friend.

I have wanted to pray today and yet words are hard to find. Can the Lord hear the prayers that are but a faint whisper? 

Mary is on my mind today. What were her days like? The ones preceding the birth of the Messiah? Did she do laundry, mop the floors, and prepare meals like the rest of us? Her nights must have been her only moment to ponder. Just what did the angel mean when he said that she had found favor with God? How did Mary pass the time of her pregnancy, knowing in her womb she carried the Christ-Child. No one else knew and no one would understand if they did. A miracle was being born in her. I wonder if the waiting was hard. Those 9 months of waiting for Him to come. 

I'm waiting, too. For the miracle. For God to reveal to us what He is doing in our lives. For Him to show us what He is birthing in our hearts. These moments to reflect feed my soul. To slow down and let my mind catch up with the rest of me. To notice the small things. The ever so tiny signs of green when much around me is turning brown.

Breathing is good for the soul. And maybe that's just what prayer sometimes is. Breathing. 

hope in winter by J


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