It's how we live in the moments.... Christmas Day 2

I'm on a flight with my husband who can now sit for short periods of time for his mother's burial service. So much packed into that short description. Tears linger as I write, the sacredness of this event, that my husband can make this trip at all is a miracle, the kindness of strangers today in the airport from the wheelchair assistant, the security officer, and the flight attendant. 

This week has been more than I could have imagined, a table in the wilderness, set before our family. Witnessing my husband grieve with faith, honesty, and truth has been holy. He really believes the truth written in Scripture about who God is, who we are, the place He has prepared for His children, and the healing and restoration to come. It has been worship for me to watch, participate in, and together lead our children through. 

A friend of ours prayed for us this week, testifying that God is and has been with us in these challenging times. Endurance isn't something you know you have until you go through something hard. My youngest and I are studying the human body in science this year. In describing our bones, the definition of resilience is the ability to bounce back after being compressed. I believe that is happening as I write in my husband, and hopefully, in me, too? 

Endurance and resilience is fostered in the moments. The moments that make up our day, how we live through them matters. Dependence on God, daily and moment by moment confession of our need for Him, choosing thankfulness in everything, practicing gratitude in the daily things of life, remembering that we are loved, and showing those around us that we have an abundant capacity to love back, this is how we live.

I'm still learning. Life feels like a marathon at times, and I'm too tired to continue, then I think that maybe I'm still in training. Maybe the hardest things are yet to come, rather than fear them, I am choosing in this moment to press into God, and trust He will carry, as He promises to. 

                                       Grateful this Christmas 


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