Juggling is something that I've always wanted to do but I've never actually tried. Whenever I have seen someone juggle even three items I can't help but envy such talent. Recently, I have contemplated life which is very much a juggling act- managing all the balls flying up in the air at different times is a difficult thing to do! As a believer,there are so many truths I know in my head and heart but I forget so easily. I mustn't be anxious but rather give every burden and care to the the Lord. But there are so many times when I forget that and my true self comes out and with that comes a strong desire to control something. Life right now feels very much out of control. It doesn't always feel like that, but right now it does. I can tell I am feeling out of control because I organized the kids' dressers today. That would be 4 dressers. 12 drawers.

Quietness and solitude, time to reflect and hear God is not an optional thing. I need it and I must make it happen. If I can't fit some of that blessed uninterrupted time into my life then I think something is amiss.

What things should I say no to that I have already said yes to?

I need to grow in discernment for I know that the skill I am lacking is not just saying "no".

Juggling may be a part of life but I must make sure that I am not juggling too many things. I need to guard my heart from pride - thinking that I alone am the only one who can meet a need. Unbelief is another big one, do I trust Him? I need to ask the Lord for help in prioritizing my day- knowing that there are many things that I cannot compromise namely my family and homeschooling. Ministry needs can pile up so fast and it's hard to sort through it all. I just did 7 loads of laundry today after 2 weeks on the road- sorting isn't fun!

I have wanted to call my sisters for weeks now. The time zones are a hindrance but busyness is too. When I haven't connected with those I love then I think I need to slow down.

God's heart towards his children is tender and He is patient with us. I am so thankful for that. Knowing when to say yes and when to say no is a steep learning curve for me, but there are small victories that remind me that He is teaching me.



  1. Did you forget? Not juggling but which ones to let drop.

    love you friend


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