Not taking myself so seriously

This morning's time of worship was an interesting one. John and I hadn't had time to practice and we weren't exactly on the right timing with each other. We couldn't communicate that well across the room so there were mistakes made. I couldn't let it bother me though, I just had to laugh and figure my way through the song we were singing. John mentioned the other night that he thinks God must think we are so cute. His creation seeking with all their heart to worship Him, banging on a drum, plunking on a keyboard and strumming on some strings. "They are so cute," is what He must be saying. I have been thinking about that the past couple days. Not taking myself too seriously. That's what it really is about. It's keeping the most important thing as the most important thing. It's caring most that God's name was honored and that we worshipped Him in song with all our hearts. He doesn't care how the songs were played, if they were repeated at the right places and if we were on beat, which incidentally we weren't. There was a moment in this morning's session when I panicked and wondered if people were feeling disappointed that we didn't invite a "real" worship leader to come for our time. I guess what we're modeling is that we're real people, not with professional skills or tons of experience playing in front of people. But we are children of God who love to worship Him in song and I think that brings delights to His heart.


  1. We must keep laughing at ourselves and our cute google-eyed, popsicle stick craft projects we do for God. He makes all things beautiful in His time. The worship this week was beautiful... He did this! Whatever He does will endure forever. Nothing can be added to it or taken away, sister!! (Ecc. 3)


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