A moment to think

A moment to think, that's all I need.
Life happens at such a quick pace.
I never mean to start my day like that.
Things just happen.
So, how do I make it not happen like that?
Time to reflect, process, and think.
That's what I need.
I'm responding to life not intentionally.
I'm responding to life not with my heart.
I'm responding with my raw emotions.
With what I think of at the moment.
Not by the Spirit.
Father, help me slow down.
Help not to miss You in each moment.
A snuggle with my son who's 10 who just came into my room while I was working just to give me a hug.
To look at the butterfly my daughter doodled on her desk.
To laugh over the post my son just got on his facebook.
To make peanut butter cookies in the middle of a crazy day with youngest. Just because.
I'm desperate to slow down.
Desperate for a moment to think.
Can I climb up in Your lap, Father?
Can I just hear You say to me, I love you?
You're calling me.
I'm slowing down.
I'm here, Lord. I'm here.


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