Breathing deeply

The past couple days I have had such a difficult time breathing! When I have asthma I forget what it's like to breathe normally. I pant, I breathe fast, I concentrate on breathing and I realize that it's really hard to do when your lung capacity isn't that big!
We returned to our city after a few weeks away and as I stepped off the plane I found myself immediately struggling to breathe. I was so thrilled to be finally home and had so many things that I have been waiting to do (like find a routine for our family) but the asthma is keeping me from doing too much these days. I haven't organized all the things I've wanted to. I have been forced to not do anything! Well, almost nothing. I did homeschool the kids today, make lunch and dinner.......But the moments where I could have spent doing something else (inbetween 4:00 and 5:00, and on my way to the bathroom. and during our evening read aloud while my husband read..) the Lord has had me sit down and just learn to breathe again.
I have to inhale deeply and exhale slowly for a few minutes and then hold my breath for as long as I can. When I tried it tonight at first I could only hold it for 10 seconds. After a half hour of slow breathing I made it to 30 seconds. As I am learning to breathe deeply in my physical body, I am also learning to breathe deeply in my spiritual relationship with the Lord. Throughout the day, deep cries of "Jesus, I need you." and "Lord, this person, you know what they need," and "Lord, I don't know what to do!"Deep breathing I read tonight in a magazine helps lower stress and perhaps ward off other diseases. I think deep spiritual breathing helps ward off discouragement, loss of hope, and other fears. I am reminded today how I need to breathe deep of the Lord each day. He is all that I need, want, and desire.

Lord, teach me that. Teach me what it means to breathe You in. SLOW me down so that I won't miss you in the moments.


  1. I am so sorry that you are suffering with asthma... that stinks!! Breath, my friend... breath deeply! ---and rest soundly.


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