Counting the Cost

We have five days left to make a decision that could possibly affect whether we can stay in the country or not. My husband has been planning to make a trip somewhere and this trip could be what makes or breaks the invitation to be here. From the human perspective it's a no brainer. Don't go. Why would you risk it? Is it really worth it?

We have been really seeking the Lord the past week especially concerning this in light of recent anti-"family" activity here. We don't want to succomb to the enemy's intimidations nor do we want to be unwise. So what do we do? How does the Lord speak? In which way is the Lord going to lead us?

We were drawn to Matthew 2 the morning when we received news of the threats that were being made. The wise men followed the star to Jerusalem, then on to Bethlehem where they worshipped the King. Through a dream they were clearly directed to return home a different way. Through a dream Joseph was directed to go to Egypt to wait. Through a dream Joseph was directed to Nazareth and not to return to Bethlehem. After we finished the passage, our kids were sober. Our eldest son, 13, broke the silence and said, "Dad, go to sleep. Maybe Gd will speak in a dream." We smiled. He could, we said.

We heard word tonight that most of those who were originally going are still going. They are counting the cost. The potential consequences are quite painful for them. They risk much more than we do.

We wept tonight before the Lord. Confessing our own shortcomings, our own lack of faith, and our desire to follow Him again with all our heart just like our fellow family members here in this country.

Lord, you're worth it. Worth our whole lives. Keep our eyes on the prize. You are the goal. A smooth uneventful, no-suffering life is not what we're after. We're heaven bound!  But I get scared. I want to run and sometimes I want easy. Help me to trust you. Loving and gracious Father, you will lead us. You will lead the rest of your children who are faced with big decisions tonight.


  1. May His direction for you be very clear... I love the "go to sleep" advice, what sweet faith in the voice of our Father. You, Father, are worth it! amen.


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