Trusting Him for every moment

Today was one of those busy days. I woke up 30 minutes too late, which affected my quiet time, my kids waking up,homeschooling, and afternoon meetings. It's hard on those days to really live in the moment, especially when you're trying to catch up the whole day! I felt the Lord drawing me back to himself throughout this whole day, reminding me that He wanted me to be fully here, for each moment. Don't miss it. I felt Him whisper. I want you here, now.

It's counterintuitive to slow down. Life is full with my kids, homeschooling, ministry. My natural response in the midst of a busy day is to keep going, not to slow down. But as He reminded me of His words I read this morning, I could just feel him constraining me. Routine trips to the bathroom were short prayer moments with Jesus. Washing dishes, and heating up lunch, were times of breath prayers. "Be with me here and now. Each moment. Help me finish what I need to do. In fact, please show me what I need to do. I trust you will give grace for all my needs. I want to commune with you. Each moment. Would you show me?"

Micah almost fainted tonight on the bathroom floor. The color drained from his face, his voice faded to a whisper as he told me he couldn't keep his eyes open as I carried him to his bed. In that moment I sensed the Lord reminding me that my learning to be with him all day was for this moment. While there was a momentary panic, it didn't last like it normally would have. I sensed His peace wash over me. I could trust in the hand of my Father even for that short moment of time before Micah's color and energy returned.

"My child, walk with Me and know My presence. I am with you always. You miss me so often because you're busy, running to the next thing. I need you to slow down and walk. I am here in this moment and that is all that matters. Learn to daily center your heart and mind on Me. I will sustain you and keep you. Practice trusting Me in everything. As hard times hit, you will know that I am with you because you've been learning to live moment by moment, depending on Me."


  1. This is such my journey spot, too... learning an awareness of Him throughout my day--- in the midst of busyness and in the midst of the mundane. Oh, may I learn with you, my friend, how to walk in His presence and practice trusting in Him... in all times, in all things... moment by moment.

  2. What an encouragement, Jenn! It made me think of Isaiah 26:3..."You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in you." Practicing the steadfastness of your mind throughout the day filled you with His sustaining grace and peace. And how wonderful for your heart to be quiet enough in your busyness to hear Him continually calling you to Him!


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