Supermom Isn't Real

So I had this funny thought today. I thought to myself, Supermom isn't real. I was taking my weekly 2 hour slot for reflection and solitude this afternoon when this thought occurred. I know I have a lot to learn about sitting still. Being comfortable is nice. The room was a bit chilly. I had my warm drink, the heater right at my feet, my pillow adjusted just right. That all took about 20 minutes. Precious time I wasted but I consider myself to be on a steep learning curve, so I am accepting grace for the moment. Well meaning friends have commented on my attempt at "stillness" with words like, "good for you, Jenn! I'm so proud of you!" I think these words are meant to be encouraging, but sometimes I wonder, who people think I am! Am I a super busy person? There were the days when there seemed to be a competition of busyness. Now there seems to be a switch and everyone is comparing notes on how much reflection they are getting these days and that is now the new measure on one's spirituality. Silly, aren't we? Why do we compare ourselves?
So that led me to the thought that Supermom doesn't exist except in our minds. She is the composite mother, wife, and every other thing that we want to be. She is loving, respectful and respected, loves the culture she lives in and engages it fully. She is smart, witty, and wise. She puts everyone's needs above her own. She is an amazing homeschool mom, in fact the crafts and artwork her children do should be sent to a national contest! Classical literature and the latest world event are dinnertime conversations and her children are well mannered, disciplined, and cheerful. By the way, she makes all her food from scratch. She manages to keep all the balls she juggles going at the same time. She "balances" family and ministry well. She speaks her culture's language fluently and is learning a third one on the side. She is a magnet for new relationships and seems tso know how to make people feel special all the time. Their home is a revolving door and yet she still has enough time for all of her loved ones including her husband and children. She handles the needs of her colleagues graciously and knows just what each one needs for the moment. She doesn't sigh, complain, or worry. Oh, and yes her inbox is always neat and nearly empty because she is quick to respond to every email that comes her way. She has long quiet times, exercises, and has a hot breakfast on the table before the kids get up each day. She doesn't struggle with people pleasing, pride, or anger. She enters into conflict with confidence and joy knowing that all things work together for good. And yes, she keeps up on her blogs, too.

I'm laughing as I write this. Each trait I wrote down reminds me of a different girlfriend. I have put all of my dear sisters together and created the supermom. I am thankful I don't have to be it all. When my sister tells me of her long reflection times and deep thoughts I rejoice because she can share them with me too. When my sister shows me the art projects her kids have made, I rejoice because at least someone is doing them! When my sister tells me of her new victory or new joy, I rejoice. Because I don't need to compare myself to anyone! The Lord has made me and He knows me as I am. While there is much need for deeper growth in my life, I musn't worry about all that I'm not. When I am clothed with humility, as Paul says, I have an accurate picture of who I am. I don't need to compare myself with others but I can rejoice instead. So, while Supermom isn't real, I know a lot of amazing sisters who I look to as mentors, friends, and fellow pilgrims.

"Lord, show me the way in which I should walk....."


  1. Oh don't we all do this... compare ourselves---either comparing ourselves with each other or harder still, for me, comparing ourselves with our "ideal" or the perfect supermom you just described! I know He wants more freedom for me, more living as loved, more me being "the who" H£ designed me to be... Lord, show me, too, which way to walk!

  2. Jenn! Your blog popped up on my Facebook homepage. I'm soooo glad it did! What a message from God to my heart! Talk about divine planning from God. :) You mean there is NO such thing as a SuperMom?!?!

    Thank you for sharing what you are learning-- so genuine and pure. I NEEDED this entry today. What a struggle this is-- but such a great reminder to just "be" who He made us to be. :) I hope you keep blogging! :) xo.


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