Not detailed... delighting in my weaknesses

"You're not detailed.".... were the words spoken to me this week from a friend.  While I am aware that I am not as detailed as some, my heart's response was to want to list the many things I am detailed over!

But the thing was that it bothered me. Why did such a small comment like that bother me?

I had this conversation with the Lord the next morning about that comment. Why did it bother me that someone highlighted one of my weaknesses?

It wasn't long after that I discovered I lost my dry cleaning slip from 2 days ago. As I rummaged through my pockets and purse, I just had to laugh. It was like the Lord let me experience my lack of detail right away to assure me that yes, my friend was right. I am not very detailed. While I had a momentary panic attack over the lost slip, I sensed the Lord say to me, "receive that word and delight in that."

A couple weeks ago another friend of mine was commenting on how hard it was to celebrate her weaknesses. While it's not something that is so easy to do, it is so freeing when we can. Father has given gifts and He's measured them out to all of us. Not all in equal portions, but He's given gifts to us. My detailed sister helps me when I need to sort things out. My lack of detail gives her a chance to exercise her gift of helps and administration. I am thankful for that!

 "but in fact, God has arranged the parts of the body every one of them, just as he wanted them to be..... "
I Corinthians 12:15


  1. not detailed!??? I hd to chuckle, okay, lol! I am amazed. Of course this is me, the queen of last minute and too many papers and ideas!


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