Not letting the yuckies get the best of me

So, my youngest son, who's six sometimes finds himself in a bit a funk. "The yuckies, Mommy. They just keep coming up!"  Trying to be patient, I gently remind him that the Holy Spt resides within and gives him power over the yuckies. "We don't have to be yucky, ask Jesus for the self control to say no, and choose joy!"

It seems that he's been struggling a bit more recently, perhaps it's tiredness, (we do forget to put him to bed earlier than his older siblings), but I'm thinking that it's just the "yucky man" ( as a friend refers to it) rearing it's ugly head, taunting him to sin.

It's just like the Lord to give me personal object lessons in my own life as I teach my children. I had allocated the full afternoon today for solitude and reflection. I was dreaming of how I was going to use my four hours of beautiful siilence with the Lord. I started thinking about it as I woke up this morning and it continued through "the anatomy of a leaf" during science class in homeschool. My husband caught me as I was leaving the house, bag in hand, dreaming of the diet coke I was going to pick up on my way out.... "We need to finish what we were working on yesterday this afternoon." His words broke my bliss. Though I grabbed a few moments alone, it wasn't the four hours I had dreamed of. I took my spot in a chair next to his and we started working on the things that needed to get done. Let's just say that I join my son in saying, "the yuckies, they just came up!" I couldn't shake them! I almost burst into laughter as I imagined what my husband saw. He shook his head and kept on typing.

Thankfully, the Holy Spirit resides in me too, and I snapped out of it fairly quickly. (A glass of ice tea did help....)

Don't we need Him? Like a child, I can run to the Father and cry out for help. Lord, save me! Victory is ours in Jesus. I am so thankful for the Father's patience with His children. He gives me the self control I need and I too can choose joy!
"Teach me how to live, O Lord, lead me along the right path, for my enemies are waiting for me."
Psalm 27:11


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