December 11 Simple Faith

Intrigued this morning by the story of Rahab. I'm imagining the circumstances surrounding   the meeting of Rahab and the two spies. Her courage is surprising. But it's God's plan in bringing Rahab into the family of God that amazes me even more. 

God chose to bring this woman into the genealogy of Jesus. She wasn't a good person. Scripture names Rahab as a prostitute. My years of prayer walking around the brothels in our neighborhood and of meeting women who have given themselves over to this profession brings distinct images into my mind. It's a dark world out there and Rahab was part of it. 

She promises to shelter the spies and to protect them. They are at her mercy. The king of Jericho is after  them. They promise that when they return to take over the city that her and her family will be spared. Rahab's simple faith is sweet. Faith that is recorded in that great chapter in Hebrews along with the great men of faith including Abraham and Moses. There she is. Rahab. By faith the prostitute Rahab, because she welcomed the spies, was not killed with those who were disobedient. Hebrews 11:31

She chose to believe a God that she had never seen drawn by a God whose love was unlike anything she had ever experienced. Rahab proclaimed her faith by tying that scarlet cord in the window. The woman whose reputation was that of a sinner was brought into God's family, and not only that, she became Boaz's mother, the godly man who married Ruth. 

God's lovingkindness is amazing and I think on that today. His plan from eternity past that included imperfect men and women to be part of His plan takes my breath away. And even more amazing is that He includes you and and I in that plan. Amazing. 


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