December 3 Trying to Quiet Down

It takes so long for my soul to quiet down. We drove down the coast for a few days to get away from busyness. We packed our bags with comfy clothes, games, books, and favorite snacks and left the city. Though we all have things we still need to work on, there's something about getting away to simplicity. Though I'm not disconnected entirely, I can feel my soul slowing down. I'm not so bothered by the mess of strewn clothes and empty cups. My family notices the difference.

We took a long walk on the beach this morning. It was an amazing walk. There was a misty rain and a strong wind, but we were intent on getting out. Breathe deeply, I had to remind myself. I stay at a shallow breathing pattern throughout my day. It's as if I'm out of breath. As quickly as I tried to empty my mind of worries, they flood back in. I'm clinging to the word, hope, this morning. I cast those burdens back on to the Lord. I pray through them aloud. There's something about verbally confessing our faith and trust in the Lord. Forty minutes later we climbed back into our van to get back to our hotel. The rain has started pouring again.

The weather forecast predicts sun in a couple days. Sun is wonderful to have, but I am needing Him to be my sun and my light today in my heart.

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord. Psalm 31:24


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